All of these prints are available on paper or canvas, and at various sizes at the following site:
Scott Rolfe at Fine Art America

12 selections from the “Animals in the Scribbled Wild” series are now available on a calendar! Either a standard Jan-Dec calendar can be selected, or the calendar can be started at any month you wish.  They are for sale at here: Animals in the Scribbled Wild 2012 Calendar













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  1. Heather Ball

    These are gorgeous! Love the Halloween moon.

  2. Thirza Ember

    Beautiful pictures, Scott!

  3. Scott

    Thanks so much Thirza and Heather! :)

  4. Jim Hoeffner

    How did you do those shots. They are beautiful. Picture envy.

    1. Scott

      Thanks Jim…they are done in a free application called ScribblerToo..I cant seem to make a link right now…

  5. Em Larsson

    These are amazing! I particularly like the butterfly. I too am envious of your talent!

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