Earlier this year, I was fortunate to receive a sizable collection of antique drawer pulls as a very generous gift. The picture below shows just a small sample of them:

Drawer Pulls
Drawer Pulls

As I started playing with them, I had intended to make abstract compositions. However faces kept appearing during this. So figuring that this is what the drawer masks wanted to be, I let them create themselves. In a matter of time, I had a little quartet of unattached faces:

Four Masks Unattached
First Four Mask Compositions (unattached)

So I got to attaching them. I thought it would be nice to frame them, and the frames and backgrounds I chose gave each of them a different feel. The one below has a nautical look, with his admiral hat, as well as the Joseph Turner painting used as a background:

Drawer Pull Mask 2
Drawer Pull Mask 2 (sold)

Drawer Pull Mask #3 almost dissolves into the mask it is attached to, and looks like a door knocker or some face in a wall. It has been displayed at Dimension Gallery

Drawer Pull Mask 3
Drawer Pull Mask 3 (available)

The black books in the shot of the original four had been originally intended just as a background for the photos, but some folks commented that they like the look of them as the actual background for the finished piece, so made a couple with those books. Here’s one of them:

Book Cover Mask
Book Cover Mask #1 (sold)

I had the good luck to have a couple identical frames that really matched the style of the drawer pulls. It can be really hard to tell where the drawer pulls end and the frame starts in these:

Drawer Pull Masks 7 and 8
Drawer Pull Masks 7 (sold) and 8 (available)

One of the most commonly asked questions is what the teeth are made from. They come from small baskets made of wooden sticks. The image below shows the bottom of one of the baskets, already dissembled.

Mask Teeth

The next mask was a bit different. The main part of the face comes from an old overhead light fixture. I took it outside one day and played around:

Me in the Mask

A couple more masks…

Drawer Pull Masks 5 and 6

As these two had the same background part, decided to take them into an animated gif program and morph the face together with interesting results:


Carnaval Mask
Carnaval Mask (available)
Celestial Lion Mask
Celestial Lion Mask (available)

Lastly, I went in a completely different style with these last two. They have more of an abstract Picasso style, and are mounted on books.

Picasso Masks
Picasso Masks #1 and #2 (both available)
Faces in the Furniture
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