About a year ago, I was in between projects and it happened to be the 4th of July. Like so many ideas, this one was very spontaneous…decided to make an American Flag made out of plastic animals, game pieces, legos and other stray things that had accumulated in my drawers. Put it together that day, and shared it on Facebook.

American Assemblage
American Assemblage
American Assemblage Framed
American Assemblage Framed

I liked how it turned out so glued it to spraypainted plywood, and put it in a frame:

This first one would be one of the few that I actually glued down. Reusing the plastic part meant I could make pieces over and over. I started doing these pieces for holidays such as Halloween:

Plastic Pumpkin
Plastic Pumpkin

I have a very extensive collection of plastic animals…

Bin of Animals
Bin of Critters

So made a Valentine’s Day heart made entirely of critters, informally called “Wild at Heart.”

Wild At Heart
Wild At Heart

St Patricks Day…

Plastic Leprechaun
Plastic Leprechaun

Started to do some non-holiday pieces, such as a tree frog:

Plastic Tree Frog

A gnome:

Plastic Gnome

And of course, a gassy unicorn.

Gassy Unicron

The following piece even spurred a name for these kinds of pieces: Plastic Pixel Art:

Pac Man

It got harder and harder to find the little pieces, so I spent a length afternoon sorting through the bits and organizing them based on color:

Plastic Bins

This summer I decided to start a series based on the Tarot. I will cover that in a later blog post, but will direct you to the pieces that are currently finished:

Plastic Pixel Tarot

To finish this entry, here is the very first Tarot piece I did: The Hermit.

Tarot Card - Hermit
Tarot Card – Hermit
Plastic Pixels
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