It’s been a long long time since my last blog entry, November 8th to be precise. Looking back at 2015, I have created a large body of work, with two ambitious series. Frankly I have needed a little recharge. Work has still be accomplished, albeit at a slower pace. I’ll look over my photos from the past few months and see what would be blog-worthy. The following is one I just finished this past week.

First a bit of music:

The original impetus for this piece was the seat of an old rocking chair. The space where the cushion would have been originally seemed like the ideal spot for a stage of sorts. So started filling it up, and even added some stage-like flourishes to the sides, which came from a large wooden frame. A very bent-up rake would serve as a landscape upon which 3 figures would walk on.


One thing I have been doing with this piece (and the previous, which I will cover in the next entry) is doing some sketching. Above I made a simple drawing of how I envisioned the piece would look based on its current status.

Next it was time to focus on the actual figures. I tried several attempts at heads, but it was caster rollers that seemed to work best with the cylinderical bodies. Added some skewers (or whatever they may be) as arms, and then did another sketch. They transformed from 3 pilgrims or magi into triplets wandering through a graveyard.


Just realized that the copyrights in the images say “2015” instead of “2016.” Close enough.

Throughout this, I had been installing LED lights inside the piece, which rest on a translucent sheet of plastic and shine down onto the action. While there are many colors to choose from with this strip, blue seems ideal for the mood of this setting.


One more sketch for grins:


The name of this piece is “The Caster Triplets.” It is 23 x 20 x 6 inches, is ready to hang, and is lit using an LED light strip that is remote controlled. The first 2 shots below show two different blue settings, and the third is with the piece unlit.

Caster Triplets (blue 1)

Caster Triplets (blue 2)

Caster Triplets (center unlit)

Caster Triplets (right unlit)Caster Triplets (left)Caster Triplets (left unlit)Caster Triplets (detail)Caster Triplets (right)

Les Triplettes de Casterville
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One thought on “Les Triplettes de Casterville

  • March 5, 2016 at 3:28 pm

    Hey Scott,

    The Caster Triplets are eery fun. And it is a good size work. From the photos, it holds up well without the LED, although it must look grand as mood or soft lighting in a dark room. Like a horror themed dry fish tank. It took me several visits to respond here. I got hung up and diverted by the music video. That is a kick, too. Thanks for the turn on. Good to see your work progressing. – LarZ


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