Often I am asked where I get  the inspiration for my art pieces. Many times it comes some crumpled bit of metal found in a junkyard, like what could be found in the photo below, which happens to be one of my favorite places to look.


Such was the case with today’s artwork. However the found objects in question were almost going to serve as the main body for a bird, but as I worked with them, they transformed into a frog.

There are no pictures of the original bird thing, but here is frog, and in the following pictures, he seems to be at that moment when he first crawled out of the ocean.



Some garden tools served nicely as the front legs, but still needed back legs.


The eyes are made of some copper fixtures with blue marbles inside. The back legs probably took as long as the rest of the piece. Tried a variety of objects, but nothing quite worked.


Put the back legs on the back burner and focussed my attention on trying to light the piece, like was done in Robot Boy and His Dog, my previous sculptures. However, after testing it, the light didn’t seem to add anything this, and just looked like the frog had some glowing mouth. So decided to set aside the LED lights, which would turn up in the next piece, inside the shell of a turtle. (Hopefully that blog entry will come very soon.)


So with hopes of a froglight dimming fast, it was back to the back legs. Digging through some of my stuff, I came upon this curvy wrench.


I discounted it at first, as it seemed it would be hard to cut and drill through. But the shape was perfect so decided to try anyways.


Success! This wrench wasn’t made to be cut apart, so it took a considerable amount of time with my humble tools. What followed from this point was a span of photographically uninteresting moments involving screws, bolts, a dremel, and cursing. So let’s move to the finished product.

Though he was created in April, I just came up with his name today: Hopkins. Hopkins is a 18 x 15 x 8 inch sculpture. He is seen romping through my yard in the pictures below, however he is far better suited to living inside, or somewhere where he wouldn’t be exposed to the elements. Feel free to contact me with any questions about him.


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