Sometimes if I start talking about how hard something might be to bring into reality, it is often the next thing that falls on my plate. In this particular instance, it is self-standing sculpture. Shortly before I started today’s featured artwork, I had been talking about the challenges of above-mentioned art: about creating an object that must make sense from all angles as well as maintain balance. So naturally, one evening when out of ideas, I decided to stack some very old lamp parts that had been lingering in the studio for quite some time. The stacked items quickly looked like a body and head, so on whim, added arms and legs:


This is one of those instances where the artwork seemed to make itself; I had no idea what this sculpture would be until it revealled itself. Most of the remainder of the work was just getting it into a structurally sound state, as well as adding a bit of luminescent life to it.

Having a lamp as a head, it seems only fitting to have that lamp head light up. Like in several of my previous works, an LED strip seemed to be the best solution, as the color could be changed by remote control.  The strip itself was coiled inside a small glass jar and also went down through the middle of the body, where it attached to a power source at the bottom.


This piece was worked on during St Patricks Day, so had to send out a very green greetings to Facebook friends!


The Robot Boy, as I liked to call him, seemed lonely, so got to work on a friend:


A robot dog for a robot boy! And like his owner, his head would light up in the same manner.


The memory card for my camera died this Spring, so I lost a few of the in progress shots for this piece, so will quickly jump to the final shots. I thought it might be fun to take the Robot Boy and his Dog on a field trip. A friend of ours has a very cool club called the Skylark Lounge which seemed an ideal spot to take photos of the duo (even if they might be a bit underage). Below are shots of Robot Boy and his Dog, with various light settings.

A Robot Boy and His Dog 1

Robot Boy in his sitting position is about two feet tall, and would be about 3 feet if he could stand. When I shared a picture of him on Facebook, there were many comparisons to Pinocchio. I hadn’t been consciously thinking of Pinocchio when making him, but it makes perfect sense.

His companion the Dog, who bears no resemblance to Jiminy Cricket, is about 18 inches long and 10 inches tall.

A Robot Boy and His Dog 5A Robot Boy and His Dog 2A Robot Boy and His Dog 3A Robot Boy and His Dog 4

A Robot Boy and His Dog
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