Backtracking to a little series I did last fall, these piece were all inspired by some little wooden shelves, or specifically the corner joints of these shelves, which look like eyeballs to me. I didn’t get a shot of these shelves before I took them apart, but you can see them in the middle of the photo below:


One of my goals for this piece was to have a composition that was both inside a frame, but also busting free of it. A large portion of the shelving parts are behind the frame, but you can also see it sticking out below in the picture above.

The two food choppers will serve as rather harrowing stages. I had intended to use some paper collage, but instead used the gold ornamental bits, like the one shown in the picture below. Feel like it would add a more dimensional quality to the piece.


The following photo shows the piece at a point where I still don’t know what the main subjects would be. It at this point felt cluttered and unfocussed to me. I chose to focus on the little skull-looking characters on the left, and removed the shoe, bottles, and some other decorative elements.


Below shows the piece looking much more unified. But removing all the parts above, it now looked a bit too stark. So I put my attention on the food choppers, thinking that it might help to have the paper collage element on them somehow.


I must have gone through hundreds of pages throughout my books trying to find just the right image. What I finally decided upon was some French poster art from the 19th century with the title “Grand Bal Pare,” or “The Great Costume Ball.”

Below you can see the poster art applied to the choppers. Also to give some of the newer looking parts an older feel, I rubbed them with coffee grounds, which are seen in the silver container below:


The name of this piece is based on the poster art, “Grand Bal Pare.” It is approximately 11 x 15 x 6 inches, and is sold. It is part of a 4 piece series that I informally title The Eyeball Series.

I will be discussing all the works in upcoming entries, but you can see the entire Eyeball Series here.

Grand Bal Pare - RightGrand Bal Pare - LeftGrand Bal Pare - Center Rightgrand-bal-pare-center-right.jpg

Grand Bal Pare - Center

I didn’t manage to get any progress shots of the following piece, but wanted to share some final images. This was the first piece in the series, and is called “Feeding Time.” It is 13 x 18 x 6 inches and is available

Feeding Time - RightFeeding Time - LeftFeeding Time - Detail 1Feeding Time

Feeding Time - Detail 2

The Eyes Have it – Part I
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