It is officially Fall, though except for a couple days here and there, you wouldn’t know it if you live in Central Texas. We will have a muggy week ahead, with temperatures in the 90’s. However I was able to experience a little actual Fall this past week when we visited New Mexico. Below is a shot of a mountain of Aspens outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico.



Also stopped by Echo Amphitheater near Abiquiu. The rock formations surrounding the natural auditorium have Fall colors all year round!



And one of the last shots before heading back home, the Santa Fe Train Station.


Another Fall activity I have engaged in is the making of found object hearts. While true, hearts probably belong more to the realm of Valentine’s Day, I have gone with more of a Fall palette with several of these. Below are the eight I have made recently. They are for sale, unless otherwise noted, with prices underneath each heart. They are all between 4-7 inches. Feel free to contact me if you’d like one of these hearts. I also have about 3 other hearts available as of this posting.

Light Autumn Heart
Light Autumn Heart – $100
Dark Autumn Heart
Dark Autumn Heart – $100
Time Space Heart
Time-Space Heart – Sold
Broken Frame Heart
Broken Frame Heart – $120
Art Nouveau-ish Heart
Art Nouveau-ish Heart – Sold
Art Nouveau-ish Heart II
Art Nouveau-ish Heart II – $130
Baroque Heart
Baroque Heart – $90

Okay, so this last one definitely stretches the definition of Autumn, but maybe it evokes Fall to androids?

Cyber Heart
Cyber Heart – $90


Falling Hearts
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