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Hopefully that song put you in the mood for today’s featured artwork.

While I use lots of metal in my art, it’s rare that my subjects are vehicles. That’s not the case for this piece, or the one following. I’ve had a old tin toy train sitting in one of my bins for the longest time, and finally put it to good use.

First a shot of the parts, at the beginning of the project.


You can see the train inside a box there. in addition, there are also springs, a photo frame, recipe holder, some old bottles, a perfume canister and some wood I pulled from an old shelf. There is also some metal thingie at the top left that I thought looked somewhat like a train whistle, but never really made sense visually, so it was eventually replaced.


Above shows the initial arrangement of the piece. The wood remnants have been cut down to fit the piece, and the photo frame cut to tuck in behind them.  The image in the background is of old Baltimore.

A bit of a leap ahead, and we see the finished product. The biggest change is the object in the slot above “recipes.” I took the base of a candle holder, and added another brass fitting on top of it, and then an old clock face.  Seems to fit in with the train theme of trying to keep time. Alas, this train will not be meeting its schedule.

The Wreck of the Iron Horse

The Wreck of the Iron Horse - RightThe Wreck of the Iron Horse - Left

The Wreck of the Iron Horse - Train Detail

The Wreck of the Iron Horse - Bottle Detail

The title of this piece is “Wreck of the Iron Horse.” The name Iron Horse comes from the name of the toy train itself, not seen here. It is a 12 x 13 x 4 inch shadow box that hangs on the wall.  It has sold, and one change since the sale is that the “recipe” plate has been changed to the last name of the new owner.


I had the plate made at a trophy/award shop here in town. I was happy with how it turned out…I just scuffed it up a bit so it would fit better with the look of the art.

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