One of the places I get my junk is, well, the junkyard.

View from the Junkyard

There is something really fun about taking things that have been bent, crushed, and aged, and incorporating those aspects into the piece. It adds a random element that helps keep artwork from falling into stale patterns. The artwork I will discuss in this blog entry and the next is made almost entirely from stuff found at this junkyard. I am calling them “Tinimals.”

First the Tinotaur:


The main body is some kind of industrial fan.  I wanted its chest cavity to be dark, so constructed a box underneath it, and added dark blue fabric to the bottom of the box. Also added some copper tubing as the horns,tinotaur-web

In the above picture you can see the beginning of the innards (or in this case “tinnards). Next step would be a paint job:


At this point it was pretty close to done. But like many times, the part that really seemed to bring it together was added at the last minute. If you notice in the picture above, he has no mouth nor nostrils. That was taken care of, as seen in the final photos below:

The TInotaur

Tinotaur - detail

The Tinotaur is about 20 x 24 x 4 inches. It is a hanging sculptural work. At the time of this entry, it is just about to make a trip to its new home in Italy. Stayed tuned for Tinimal #2 tomorrow (or the next day).

Tinimalism – Part One
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