The Big Fish (click pic for blog link)
The Big Fish (click pic for blog link)

The piece I will discuss today is the long overdue followup to another artwork I finished over a year ago.  It is called the Big Fish, and you can read about its story, as well as see more pictures, by clicking on the picture to the left.


It had been intended that this new piece be its sequel of sorts, but it took its own path, and now has its own story to tell. Let’s see how it started:



This is a spice rack that Cheri found at a Goodwill. It has the same wavy door decoration as the first, as well as the bottom drawers, so figured it would be fun to continue the previous theme. At this point, my only objective was to flip the location of the characters; the person would be in the drawer, and the fish in the cabinet space.

I found some good material for the fish, and used a little figure as placeholder for the rafter. Also had some interesting star christmas tree lights, so decided that a night scene might be a nice change too. The following two pictures have some painting progress.



Next point of order was to work on touching up the fish and creating a figure.

First the fish:


It took a few color changes, but was happy with the outcome above, so that’s pretty much how it looks like in the final piece. The raft person was another story…


The above shows my original idea for the piece. The fish would emerge with the treasure, and the assumed same fellow from the previous piece would be on the raft.  It is at this point that I showed it to Cheri, who thought it a bit samey as the last one, and felt that this figure didn’t match the tone of the new fish. I grumbled, but then decided to try something new. At this point I got caught up with trying to get this drawer to work and didn’t take any pictures til the end. But needless to say, it changed quite a bit:

In the Blue Water - Doll Detail 2

No longer is there a castaway adrift at sea, but now a doll figure in a bed, in some unconscious state.  This ultimately makes more sense within the piece, as it takes place at night.  As for the rest of the meaning of it, I’ll leave that to you, the viewer.

The name of this piece is called “In the Blue Water.” It is a 12 x 15 x 6 inch hanging shadow box construction. The left drawer opens and closes, while the right drawer is fixed in place. Contact me with any questions about this work.

Here are some more shots of the final piece.

In the Blue Water

In the Blue Water - Left Detail

In the Blue Water - Right

In the Blue Water - Fish Detail

The last photo shows the open state of the left drawer. This took me awhile to figure out what to do. At first the things added seemed to just be excessive, especially given how much detail the piece already has. The other consideration was the fact that the drawer was pretty small, and anything inside it couldnt go higher than the lip of the drawer, or it wouldn’t open or close. Finally I decided upon a mini ocean in the drawer, with a smaller fish, which seems to complement the larger.  It’s hard to capture this with a photograph, but below will give you an idea.

In the Blue Water - Drawer Detail

Drawer Diving
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