The next member of the Carnival is quite the oddity. An HG Wells inspired tripod creature who doesn’t have any of the malice that the aliens it is based on have. Let’s see how it came to life…

This piece started with a gutted jewelry box. I removed the drawers, and then used those pieces of wood to form the top and bottom of the stage. Some metal framing was cut to add decor. You can see the initial messy paintjob below:


Like Matilda and Arvin before, I wanted this artwork to light up as well. As both of them had red in them, it seemed only fair to balance this one off using the opposite colors, so I tried adding blues and greens. Below you can see two versions, one where there is an emphasis on yellow light, and the other on blue/green. The creature has already begun to take shape at this point, with a stairway newell as head and kerosene light part as body.


It was at this point that I posted the above picture on Facebook and asked the folks there which they preferred. The response was phenomenal.  There were many different suggestions, including a way to switch between the two settings. So with the help of a local light repair store, I created a three-switch so the art could have 3 different light options: yellow, blue, and yellow/blue together. The video below shows the results of this.

Next was time to refine the creature. It was still quite undefined at this point, and felt unattached from the setting. What really brought it into the piece was adding a fishing reel as a helmet of sorts. After a lot of tricky attaching of all the finicky elements, as well as some amateur woodcrafting, this was the result:


The next part involved fitting what was now known as the Trypoddity into its habitat. Setting it in as is, it still felt not right, and I realized that the legs were looking weak. So 3 door knobs were turned upside down, drilled through, and used as pseudopods of sorts.


There are several views of the final product, including the yellow and blue light settings.

Trypoddity is 15 x 9 x 6 assemblage in a converted jewelry box. It is electrically lit, using a three-way light setting. It can either be hung on a wall or set on a flat surface. Feel free to contact me with any questions about it or go to the Carnival Discardia page in this website to see a complete list of works in this series.  My goal is to have a show in the Fall featuring all carnival pieces, but they are available for sale.








The Trypoddity
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