Been getting over the latest allergy/illness/me thing the last couple weeks so this post will be brief. The books should be in this week! Very excited about getting them, and more importantly sending them out. I’ll be posting another entry when they come in.

I didn’t get many progress photos of today’s artwork. In fact just one progress shot, as well as the finals. Just wasn’t on top of of it but here goes…

I had made a previous grasshopper for the Aesop’s Fable “The Ant and the Grasshopper.” Below are a progress shot of it, as well as the finished piece:

Grasshopper assembledThe Ant and the Grasshopper

I decided that I would make a non-violin variety grasshopper this time. I had all the same parts as before so the progress shot looks very familiar to the upper left picture:

Grasshopper - Progress shot

What isn’t shown at this point is the attempt at a paint job I did after this. As I had been in using a bright colorful palette for the Aesop’s series, I probably continued to assume I would need to do so for this one. However when I painted it, it lost a lot of the mechanical details seen in the picture above. I had shared this picture with my facebook page, and a few who commented said they liked this unpainted version. I could have saved a couple hours of work if I heeded their advice, but at least it all worked out in the end. Below shows how it eventually looked at the finish:

Grasshopper - Right Angle

As you can see, it retains most of its original feel. I just added some silver touchup paint, and added the big aqua eyes. Another lesson in not going overboard…at least in this case I was able to restore its original charm. Here’s the other view of it:

Grasshopper - Left View

“Hopalong” is an 8 inch long mechanical grasshopper, and can leap to your home for $125. Feel free to contact me for more info.

Along Came Hopalong
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