Last blog post I talked about getting my portrait for the book done. Having gotten my own mugshot taken, it was onto the real stars of the show: the fable pieces themselves. Earlier this week I arranged them altogether for a group shot. It’s not the best quality photography-wise but was fun to do:

Group Shot - The Fables

And there they all are. Of course some get short shrift in this photo (the poor bear and wolf are hidden from view) but think it gives the overall feel of the pieces.

Next step was to load up all the pieces and head to the photographer.  I had not realized how much space these pieces take up until I tried to fit them into my car. Fortunately they all fit, but they took up the front passenger seat, back seats and the hatchback area.  The fact that it was 100 degrees while trying to do all this was a lot of fun too. :\

Anyways got to the photographer’s studio with them intact. Duane Osborn is the fellow who took them, and I’ve got to say, he’s one sharp shooter (pun of course intended). I have known him for several years, and have always been impressed by his work.  Now I intended to take some more progress shots than I did, but got caught up in the details of the shoot itself, so will share a couple that I did take. The first piece he shot was the Frogs Who Wanted A King:


Duane explained that with a shoot like this, he likes to take the biggest objects first and then work his way down to the smaller pieces, as it is easier to take away than to build up during a shoot. This first photo took the longest, as all the basic lighting was set up at this point. From then on, it was quite straight forward. Here is the Kid and the Wolf as it was being taken.


As you can see, some foam board was propped up, which can make a good light reflector. We got all twelve done, and then he made a suggestion that was very helpful. I mentioned that I will be printing on matte stock, and he said that printing on this kind of paper can be tricky. He recommended a photo retoucher named Justine who knows the ins and outs of printing issues, and I agreed. I would rather someone who knows exactly what they are doing than my guesswork color correction with her. So I sent off the photos to her on Friday and will get them back next week.

For now I will share one of the raw photos, meaning that no color correction or editting has been done.  Duane shot it intentionally lighter so that color balance and saturation could be added in, which is what she will be doing. For now you can see how I fiddle-faddled with it.

The Ant And Grasshopper- unprocessed

Next week I will try to show a couple shots of the completed images.

So the book is still running on schedule. All the photos will be dropped in next week, and hopefully final edits will be done on the text. I hope I can get the artwork to the printer before the end of August, which at this point seems very reasonable. That would mean the book could be done possibly by the end of September.

And as mentioned earlier, it is available for preorder at my Etsy Store.

Photographing the Fables
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