A couple pieces of news today. The first one is that as of about 12:02 pm yesterday, when I finally tacked on a curious cat to The Rat and the Elephant piece, I am officially done with all twelve pieces that will go in the Æssemblage book.  So this has been a four month odyssey, which both feels like a long time, but also went by relatively quickly.  The next step will be to bring them to the photographer’s studio and get the pictures done.  In the meantime I still am working on some more writing and edits.  Everything seems to be going on schedule, and with any luck I will still have the book printed by October 1.

Speaking of photography, yesterday photographer Michael Long came over to do my portrait for the book.  I showed some of my work alongside Michael’s photography at the Gay Fay Kelly gallery.  Check out his website Austin Photography Workshop, to find out more information about his classes, plus samples of his super work.

To get a set going, I collected various wooden drawers, boxes, and rusty metal and in the morning made an arrangement in the corner of my back porch.

The Buildup

When Michael arrived we got to the task of fine tuning things. A lot of grass was showing behind the pile, so I looked for more stuff and continued building it up. A box only fell on my head once, so I consider that a major success. A sheet was hung from from the redbud near the porch to the house, to help diffuse the light. Some lights were set up and we were ready to go.

Michael took a shot of the set complete with the lights and all…here it is:


One thing we discussed after the shoot was how in photography, a lot of the art is learning how to filter out the excess and being able to focus on subject. There were lots of distracting elements to contend with: the lawn, various things on the porch, etc. But as you can see from the final shot below, Michael was great at getting the picture just right, even if he had to deal with a difficult subject. 😉

Scott Rolfe portrait
Scott Rolfe portrait – Photography by Michael Long

I am very happy with how the colors and composition turned out in this. Once again a big thanks to Michael for making this all happen.

This photo will show up in the back of the book, in the “About the Artist” page.


Portrait Among the Parts
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