Grasshopper assembled
The Grasshopper, from the fable “The Ant and the Grasshopper,” as seen in a pre-paint state.

Once again a drought of posts here on my blog, matching the state of 50% of counties in the US right now.  Anyone wanting quicker updates check out my facebook page and hit “like.”  However I have included a peek at the progress of the Grasshopper (see left image), that I haven’t yet put up on the facebook page yet.  So until I do so, consider yourself part of a very exclusive grasshopper viewing club.

The big news is the ongoing progress of my upcoming book Æssemblage. All twelve assemblages are almost complete, and most work on the layout and design is finished as well. Still some work on the text itself, which will need some editting once it is all written. Sometime this month I need to have the photos taken, and then have everything to the printer by the end of August. Needless to say, this will be a busy month!

I have also bought the domain name It will simply point to my home page.  When I get most of the work done on the book itself there will be a new section on this site titled appropriately enough, “Aessemblage.”

The book itself is available for pre-order on Etsy. You can pre-order a copy at my store at this link: Aessemblage Book Pre-order

As stated on the Etsy site, the book will not be ready until probably early October, but I just wanted to give people the opportunity to order who wanted to now.  All photos and text are still in draft mode. It will be a 10 x 9 inch perfect bound soft cover book, 40 pages total.  There will be 12 fables, with accompanying artwork, as well as an essay I wrote called “From Aesop to Assemblage,” and another called “The Making of the Fables,” that gives a behind the scenes look at how the art for this book was made.

Sample images are available to view on the Etsy site and below I have included a very tentative draft of the back cover:

Aessemblage back cover image
Aessemblage back cover image (sample)




Assembling Aessemblage
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