Cheri has been quite adept at finding boxes in her journeys, and as result I have been able to do more shadowbox constructions. Today’s features started as a standalone figure but then became one of these shadowbox pieces.

Here’s how it began:


The main inspiration for this piece was the larger piece of metal on the left, which forms the head, trunk and front leg. At first I thought it was a shame that this all worked so well, seeing as how how it would be to match it for the back of the elephant. Instead of shelving it, and probably never finding the right piece, I instead decided to have the back half have a “clockwork elephant” feel, made up of many little parts. I saw potential in this so decided to continue.

It was early on that I decided that the box would be a nice way to feature the elephant, as most of the animal assemblages I have done to this point have been freestanding. So I took the box, and first started to attach the head piece to it.


Attaching the elephant to the box proved to be the most difficult part, as I wanted it raised about an inch from the back, which meant a series of bolts with a nut attached in the back as well as another to keep the body parts in place.

After a lot of cursing this is what it looked like:


Next the elephant would get a golden-brown paint job, the moon would be affixed and painted, and a very familiar moon glow was added. I also added some brush in the right back of the piece as it looked kind of empty. I have no more progress photos at this point so will share some views of the final piece. After taking these I realized I used my less-than-ideal lens, but hope these images are good enough for viewing:

Lu Lunaphant
Lu Lunaphant
Lu Lunaphant - Left Angle
Lu Lunaphant - Left Angle
Lu Lunaphant - Right Angle
Lu Lunaphant - Right Angle

“La Lunaphant” is a mysterious elephant that only appears under a full moon, especially a very gear-looking moon. It scours the earth in search of WD-40 to keep its joints well-oiled. This shadowbox (elephant and moon included!) is 9 x 10 x 4 and is sold. Feel free to contact me or see other animal assemblages.

El Sol y La Lunaphant
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