A bit behind on posts, so today’s post will have less typing and more picturing. Yes, picturing.

First (or second attempt) at a composition didn't turn out so well
The composition that would become the basis for the final piece
While the piece started off with a greenish-blue hue found in the previous, it wound up taking on this red, black and gold palatte.
Close to the finish
Apparatus Inutile
Apparatus Inutile
Apparatus Inutile
Apparatus Inutile (Angle View)

Apparatus Inutile uses parts that were donated by no less than three different people, including a bicycle gear by my father, a clock body from Tony, and a scoop thingie at the bottom from Mickie. Also in the piece are a phone receiver, a teasteeper, my ubiquitous venetian blind brackers and some gaskets. Apparatus Inutile is 13 x 8 x 4 inches and is quite heavy given all the metal in it.

Apparatus Inutile is $500. Feel free to contact me if interested in this piece.



“Apparatus Inutile”
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