I consider one of my favorite collage/assemblage artists to be Joseph Cornell. For those of you not familiar with him, Cornell was a twentieth century artist who used found objects, and best known for his shadowboxes. While he was a contemporary of and associated with the Surrealists of the time, his work stands on its own outside of any particular movement. Here’s a site devoted to him: The Joseph Cornell Box.

The photo below is one of many of his wonderful shadow boxes:

Joseph Cornell, Untitled (Soap Bubble Set), c. 1957

The reason I mention Joseph Cornell today is because the two pieces I have been currently working on remind me of him. I have had two items in my pile of stuff for some time now, but never found a way to incorporate them. One is a simple box, about 4 x 6, and the other is a window pane with frame/sill, about 8 x 12. Unfortunately I hadn’t gotten a picture of the box before I started messing with it, but envision it a box, all wood-like.

Window Pane

The photo above is a work in progress. I should have a full blog entry on it later this week.

Shadow Box
Shadowbox...already in progress

This photo shows the start of the work I would like to share today. The photo already shows some work done on it, the wood has been lightly painted with a reddish brown enamel, and a swatch of black cloth has been glued to the back. The box was in rather poor form when I started, with the sides coming apart. I decided to take it apart and then add the cloth, as it was already in that state. Putting it back together was fairly easy , as the corners have interconnecting pieces. I just used dabs of goop for reinforcement.

Sadly I don’t have any other pictures of progress on this work. So skipping to the end, here is the final product:

MoonKey Shines
MoonKey Shines

“MoonKey Shines” is 4 x 6 x 1.25 inches, and can either hang on the wall or is self-standing. The moon is made of clock parts, and the ground is the same used in previous moon spirit pieces. There are some nuts and washers, springs, a busted latch, and of course, a key.

I would like to quickly share some pieces made last last week. Once again they are a part of the moon spirit series, and the following are the first two in a subseries I am calling the Mini-moonies. Click on each for a larger, and complete image:

Moon Spirits - Moonpack
Moon Spirits - Moonpack
Moon Spirits - Moonbuggy
Moon Spirits - Moonpack

Each of these is about 4 x 6, and has a small metal address frame screwed to wood backing. I have more photos of these in progress, but want to wait until I have done a few more before I do a feature on these. It is looking like I will have a backlog of blog entries.

“MoonKey Shines” is available for sale for $100, and both of the Mini-Moonies shown here are available for $70 each. Feel free to contact me, and see a complete listing of the Moon Spirits here.

Moonkey Shines
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2 thoughts on “Moonkey Shines

  • October 16, 2011 at 8:44 pm

    wonderful art Scott, as always. What a great source of inspiration too!

    • October 16, 2011 at 8:47 pm

      Thanks Thirza! and in less than a month you’ll see it “live” 🙂


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