Aug 17

Recyclart – Creative Recycling

Recyclart LogoThis week, my art was featured on Recyclart.com, a website that highlights creative uses of recycled materials.  I submitted some of my animal assemblages for consideration, and they ran an entry on them on Monday. Here is the direct link to that article:

Animals in the Discarded Wild

Palette Floating Shelving System by Amanda Carver Designs

Palette Floating Shelving System by Amanda Carver Designs

There are about 2-3 features a day on the site. There is a wide range of creations, everything from the artful to the practical, using the most unlikely things. For instance, one post shows a palette being used as floating shelves. In another, an old rotary phone is ingeniously turned into a clock, which both works well with the face of the phone, even if its numbers may be a bit disorienting in relation to the clock.

In their own words:

The goal of Recyclart.org is to bring you good products that are made from recycling, reusing, upcycling, etc. We will not bother you with a lot of text or details, we prefer to give you inspiration through pictures and the links where you can find more informations. The goal is to be a kind of portfolio based on  ideas in which you can brainstorm your sustainability creativity.


Telephone Clock by Jonas Design

Telephone Clock by Jonas Design

The site itself is well-designed and meets their above-mentioned goals well. The layout and large pictures make it easy to focus on each entry, and not get lost in the site. I highly appreciate their emphasis on allowing the placing of links alongside the pictures. They provide a great service by allowing exposure for all the ideas, art and products they showcase, and the ability for people across the globe to share them with each other.

Green Avenue bench collection by 31andchange

Green Avenue bench collection by 31andchange

So anyways, give it a look, it’s a lot of fun!

Main Website: Recyclart.com

Recyclart on Facebook


  1. Miso Susanowa

    Congrats on the Recyclart feature!

    I wanted to know if these guys are cousins of yours:

    #5. Giant Otters Murder Piranha and Alligators

    and they’re here: Species Profile: Giant Otter (Pteronura brasiliensis)

    If they are, perhaps you should adjust your otterly envelope; at least it would allow you to see the top of the fridge :D

    1. Scott

      First of all thanks!

      We have some of those giant otters in our family, and let me tell you Miso, we no longer invite them over for Thanksgiving dinners anymore!

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