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Sign up for the Rusty Crocodiles Newsletter!

I have finally set up an e-mail newsletter! Stay updated on an arty world of critters and discarded objects by subscribing to my e-mail art newsletter. I will try to keep to limit updates to 2 e-mails a month or less. Your name and email won’t be shared with anyone and you will always have the option of unsubscribing at any time.


There are three ways to sign up

1. The FUN form: The e-mail whale greets you here and there is much rejoicing: The Fun Rusty Crocodiles Email Subscriber

2. The not-so-fun form: There is a barebones form on the contact page on this site. It does the same thing as form #1, just less fun: The Not-So-Fun Rusty Crocodiles Email Subscriber

3. If you experience troubles with the fun, or even not-so-fun form, don’t hesitate to contact me. If you give me the e-mail address you would like the newsletter sent to, I can add it directly.








New Rusty Crocodiles Email Newsletter!

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