I have done it…I have gone and opened another online store. Earlier this year I closed my Cafepress store because they charge an annual fee if you want to use it for anything more than the absolute bare bones, and seemed to find ways to take whatever meager earning a vendor could make at their site. Zazzle’s starting prices are comparable, which means the amount one can earn on top of that and not charge a lot isn’t jaw-dropping, but I still like being able to offer my designs on things like mugs and shirts.

I haven’t put a lot up yet, but I wanted to offer some of the newer assemblage animals, as well as reintroduce the Aquamatica series.

Here are a few samples:


I have made about 5 boxyphants (cross between a box and an elephant) this year. I took a few of the styles and though they may look good in an elephant train. On top of that, I had a bit of fun with photoshop and colored one purple, and another blue. Right now there is both a mug and shirt offered, which are seen. I’d like to add that I can add any of the other products listed on Zazzle at request.

Next is the Moody Bloom on a mug:


Whether you are feeling deliriously happy like the bloom on one side, or a anxious like the blue flower on the other side, this mug will fit both occassions. And what other moods does one have when chugging down coffee?

Next up is the Hindu Elephant God Ganesh on either a mug or a shirt. Hurray for crass commercialism!


Ganesh is known as the Remover of Obstacles, but not the Remover of Coffee Stains, so be careful when drinking.

The last item I will feature today is the Classic Whale:


The Boxy Whale: Metally, Whaley, Bluey and Oceany. Also available on a muggy.

All these can be found at my Zazzle Rusty Crocodiles Store. Either at that link or the one on sidebar over there —>

As I mentioned above, I can add any of these designs, as well as any of the others, to any of their products. Just contact me if there is something you’d like.


Bedazzled at the Frazzle-Zazzle
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