Another trip into the Boxengeti, with one piece I have had finished for a few weeks and a set I finished this week. Both use a technique in which a blind bracket is combined with some peg hooks to create an animal. I talk about the overall process in this post.

Boxille Zebra
Boxille Zebra

First the Zebra:

Besides the obvious difference in painting, there are a few other things I did differently, in a more zebraesque (Note: I will use this made-up word two more times in the paragraph) manner. First of all, there was much more cutting of the hooks involved in this one to get it to more of a zebraesque scale. Secondly,  I wanted a more zebraesque head, with the upper head made from a rubber stopper and the lower from a metal bit. I cut the ears out of tin and folded them over. The mane is in fact a piece of discarded velcro.

I also made another set of giraffes, and as I described the process will just let the picture do the talking:

Mama Giraffe and Baby
Boxille Mama Giraffe and Baby

“Boxille Zebra” is available for an adoption fee of $135 while the Boxille Set of Mama and Baby Giraffe is available for $250 total. Contact me with any questions, and feel free to check out other available animal assemblages here.

The Boxafari Continues
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One thought on “The Boxafari Continues

  • May 30, 2011 at 2:24 am

    Scott, both your zebraesque and giraffesque creations are show stoppers. Love the baby with Mama and have no doubts they will all find good homes very soon. You are really doing some amazing and very original Boxafari specimens. Keep it up!


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