One of the very first animal assemblages I did was a whale.  Still one of my favorites, I have always wanted to do another but never knew what the integral piece was that made it come together. So I did what most people do when they are trying to find some odd piece of whatever, and went onto Ebay. After quite a bit of searching for something I did not know the name of, it was finally revealled to be a Spee-Dee Food Chopper:

Spee-Dee Food Chopper - As Seen on TV!

It came with the original packaging, and the “Made in the USA” indicated this was not a new item (the printed “1960” also tipped me off).

So I got to work. The general layout is same as Whale #1, but this time I used screws to attach a couple of the integral pieces together.

Sorta Kinda Assembled Whale

The spee-dee is attached to a sheet of tin which is screwed to the Blind Bracket piece, as well as some circle piece which is used as the snout. The first whale was of a rather greenish variety, so this one was to be of a blueish variety. I got to painting the piece, as well as adding an eye. With the assistance of 6 year old Audrey, we picked a fetching green for the eye color. I added some silver and gold highlights to help things pop out, and attached the spout (and I still do not know what function these are originally supposed to serve).

Here is the finished whale…at least this part:

Boxy Blue Whale

The next part came unexpected, like so often happens when using found objects. Micky in California had shown me some of the photos of her newly arranged artwork, and one in particular focussed on some of my magnet art on a steel backing with a very interesting shape:

Micky's very cool wave display

I’m sure you see where I am going with this now. She had a few of the pieces left over and asked if I wanted them. Eyeing the wave, I saw the potential for a very Whale-ish environment and said “yes!” It arrived in the mail speedily, not as fast as a Spee-Dee Food Chopper but still pretty quick, and I got to work on painting it, trying to get it to match the already created whale. The following is the final piece, including whale and sea:

Boxy Blue Whale in a Sea of Steel

The nails you see in the photo are used to hold the whole piece up.  A touch of blue paint and they would barely be seen at all, but as this was a temporary shot I didn’t do that. I can provide painted blue nails with the final piece if someone liked. The steel piece comes off from the wall with rubber stoppers attached to the back. I had thought of glueing the whale to the board, but as it was already self-hanging, I instead attached several magnets to the back and attached it to the steel piece. This way the whale can either be swimming in the sea, or any other vertical surface.

“Boxy Blue Whale in a Sea of Steel” measures 12 x 6 x 2 inches. Both the whale and its natural habitat are available for $185. Contact me with any questions, and feel free to check out other available animal assemblages here.





Boxy Blue Whale in a Sea of Steel
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