I started this website in September of 2010, and the name is Rusty Crocodiles. As of that date, there have been approximately 0 blog posts that mention crocodiles. Until now…

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My latest piece was a byproduct of a project for my father. He has spent a good part of the winter cutting out 4 inch disks that will be part of a benefit for Ghana. He then distributed them to people while in Arizona and is now enroute to Michigan, and will hung on a tree, displayed and then sold as part of the benefit. You can see some of the results in the picture to the left.

I first created the one I will show here which I first did as a test, but my parents got delayed, so just finished it and mounted it onto a block of wood I have. When they arrived here, we just finished another one with frogs on it which will be used for the benefit.



I decided to use a crocodile watering hole for the theme of this one. I started out with a couple of gifts I got from Mickie in California, two crocodiles. I quickly assembled the piece, without glueing it and took a picture:
Crocodiles - Early Draft

Despite the flash nearly obliterating the picture, hopefully you get an idea.

The whole thing was put together on a metal disk that I found at Habitat for Humanity, that I originally used as mockup, but became the base itself. Plastic glass gems are used as the bank, and painted with some acrylics. Little washers that appear frequently in my pieces are lily like things, and some printing press metal are floating sticks. I first glued them down and then painted them, but it turned into one big painty indistinct mess, and not in a good swampy mess way. So I tore them all out and tried again. In my second attempt, I went and painted all the lillies green first and all the sticks brown first, so they would stand out more, and then glued them on. Here is the final result:

Swamp Loop I

And there, finally some crocodile representation on the Rusty Crocodile blog.

Stepping back a bit, before glueing everything down, I cut a thick piece of wood the same shape as the metal disk. I cut a hole in the back of the wood, so it could be mounted on the wall, drilled holes in both and mounted them together. It can be hung on the wall, and also as you can see in the next picture, be used as a sitting piece:

Swamp Loop I (angle)

I have titled this “Swamp Loop I.” That begs the question of if there will be a Swamp Loop II, III or IV, and as of now I cannot answer that, but figured it was best to be safe and add the “I” just in case.

Swamp Loop I is available for sale for $75.. Contact me or check out other available assemblages here. This one can  be found in the General Assemblages section.



Crocodile (Swamp) Rock: “Swamp Loop I”

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  • April 19, 2011 at 8:37 am

    This (referring to the frog piece) was a collaborative effort by Scottt, his mother and his father. I will attempt to post it on Facebook on Scott’s wall


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