If you have followed my works over the past few months, you may have noticed certain recurring objects in many of the pieces. One is the spokes of a steamer used for cooking vegetables, shown on the left. It would appear these are fairly flimsy, and the spokes fall off, much to the chagrin of the chef, and much to the delight of the assemblage artist.

These pieces have appeared as elephant ears, wings for a couple pocket spirits, and now as the fur of a technicolor hedgehog named Huey. But let’s first see the very humble origins of Huey, before he truly lived up to his name:

Not as hued Huey

A bit drab I thought, and wound up having to scratch off some paint from the spokes, which was a whole lot of fun. Besides a new paint job, Huey got a set of legs on which to scamper about too.

Huey Hedgehog
Huey Hedgehog

Considerably more colorful now, with blues, golds, yellows, and a touch of magenta. Also added a pupil. Huey is 6 x 4 x 2 inches, and wire is attached to its base for hanging.

Huey the Hedgehog is sold but check on on the tiny assemblage page for other available pieces.

Hedge Fun: “Huey Hedgehog”
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