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Scarab Beetle Parts - pegs hooks, door hinge, and weathercap

Once again, a piece of hardware inspires a shelled creature. As a half-dome metal lamp looked like the shell of a turtle in my previous piece, and a weathercap had the appearance of a beetle’s carapace. Yet another object found at Habitat for Humanity, I had no idea what it was when I picked it up, but showed it to some fellows at Home Depot who identified it.

For those of you who are dying to know…A weatherhead, also called a weathercap, service head or service entrance cap, is a weatherproof entry point for above-ground electrical wiring or telephone lines. Thanks as always Mr Wikipedia.

I have now used peg hooks as legs for caterpillars, dragonflies and now scarab beetles, and feel they are just the thing for all legs insectish (new word). The pincers are made from horseshoe looking hinges, once again in one of several care packages from California. The piece is adorned with plastic jewels along the body, with jewels and washers making up the eyes. Here is how they look:

Scarab Beetles - View One
Weathercap Scarabs

The purple scarab seems to be a much older style entrance cap, as most that I have seen resemble the gold-green one. When I do more of these, in all likelihood they will look like the second. A better photo of their body shapes is seen here:

Scarab Beetles in Search of Good Dung
Weathercap Scarabs in Search of Good Dung

The purple is narrower with a wider brim while the gold-green one is rounder overall. The overall size of both is about 4 x 6 x 2.5 inches. They can either sit on a flat surface or be hung on a wall.

Contact me for any questions and check for pricing info on the tiny assemblage page as well as other pieces.

Meet the Beetles: “Weathercap Scarabs”
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