Vegetation is the theme of today’s two feature artworks. One goes by the name of Louis, and the other is associated with the following impolite sound

Raspberry Gnome (angle)
Raspberry Gnome
Raspberry Gnome
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Now don’t hold it against the Raspberry Gnome that his title is synonymous with a noise of a certain bodily function. In all my years I have never heard an actual raspberry make that noise. Or maybe they are just good at blaming it on the strawberries.

The gnome is 4″ wide by 6″ tall with a depth of 2″. It has a couple springs, a metal clamp, some nuts, mangled metal, and plastic jewelry. No raspberries were harmed in the making of this piece.

Next up is the Sunflower King, also known as Louis. A most regal figure, Louis presides over his garden with dignity and no small amount of pollen.

The Sunflower King
The Sunflower King

The Sunflower King is 6 x 3.5x 2.”  Housed in the most luxurious venetian blind boxes (or in this case maybe Floratine?) the head is made from a door lock, with the back side facing forward. The stem is made of chain, and the planter box is in fact the case for a doorbell, I think. To top it off, Louis holds his royal key in his inplausible hands.

The Sunflower King (angle)
The Sunflower King (click for larger view)

Both Raspberry Gnome and the Sunflower King are available for sale. Feel free to contact me, and also go to the tiny assemblage page to see a listing of all available works of this general size.

Horticultural Protectors: “Raspberry Gnome and the Sunflower King”
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