Both this drawing and post are of the odds-n-ends variety. Bits and pieces on a rather drizzly day.

This is a drawing I found in my sketch book that was probably made in the spring of this year. Was looking at a pile of stuff on my table, but it’s only loosely based on whatever was on there. Colored it in photoshop today.

I have a couple more assemblages to show, but need to get some good shots of them.One of them is another camel, and the other is  a totemic bird construction, perhaps an eagle or hawk.

Also started a new larger piece yesterday, so will gets some shots of that if it progresses. I’m thinking I’ll need to construct a box for this one, so have to give it some thought.

And one last little nudge regarding the 2011 Animals in the Scribbled Wild calendars. They can be had at Redbubble.com. Printed on art satin paper, they not only make a nice calendar, but could be used as 12 very frameable art pieces. Okay, sales pitch mode off. 🙂

Odds and Ends

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