Technological Leap
Technological Leap

I have been rather lax in updating the blog the past few weeks. I figure “the holidays” is as good an excuse as any for this absence. But at last, I have an update.

The latest assemblage piece is called “Technological Leap,” and could jumpstart many a bad frog pun, or so I have been toad. Anyways, this is another collection of objects on a venetian blind box, treated with acrylic paints. The black grilled shape on top of the box I think may be one of those small vents inside cars, the kind where the flaps always seem to turn the wrong way, and this one continues in that tradition.  Some more bits of metal, a marble, a plastic gem and of course the stalwart frog adorn the piece as well.

At the advice of a friend, I am including a couple side views of the piece here as well. Click on the tiny pic below for a larger image:

Technological Leap - 2 angles

It’s Not Easy Being Green (in a Machine)
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