Outside the Tent

This is the first official “tiny assemblage” commissioned work, titled “Outside the Tent.” The only parameters I was given was that it had to contain a camel. Not having one at my disposal, I got one on ebay…this is how it looked originally:

Pink Camel
A rather pink camel

Now this is charming in its own right, however I didnt think a pink camel would work in this particular instance. So I spray painted it gold, and then painted over with some umber and silver.

Added some sheer brown fabric to the background which gives it a desert-like feel, with an umbrella set up over a makeshift box-tent-thing.

Now this is a Bactrian camel, which has two humps, versus the more familiar Dromedary camel, which has one. The Bactrian camel is indigenous to Central and East Asia, so this fellow would be roaming the Gobi desert versus the Sahara. Just so ya know.

Just Deserts…”Outside the Tent”
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