The Mechanical Savanna
The Mechanical Savanna

I have moved from gorillas and on to giraffes in tiny assemblage #5, titled “The Mechanical Savanna.” You could say I’m sticking my neck out on this one... <uncomfortable silence>

As with the others, the base of this piece is a venetian blind box, with a couple of other venetian blind accessories on top. Various metal bits, and the gear, spring and metal sheet on the right come from the inside of a gutted windup toy . The writing on orange in the circle is a detail of the perimeter of an old Chinese compass, which most giraffes would not run across under ordinary circumstances.

Was playing around with a couple of assemblages tonight that could work well as companion pieces. They are somewhat influenced by a certain Kubrick movie. More on that later.


Buying info: The Mechanical Savanna is available at

Tiny Assemblage: The Mechanical Savanna
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